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Superstition - By Liam Montier


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Superstition is a cracking effect direct from the brain nodules of the ever impressive Liam Montier! This is easier than a hoolding your breathe for a second!


So, you go about showing an effect and offer your spectator the chance to select a ‘lucky card’ for themselves, Upon doing this, (imagine  it's the Six Of Spades. You mention that while that is not a terrible card, you have an EXTREMELY good one that you keep threaded on your keyring. It is held between two blank cards to ensure that it is safe at all times. There are clearly only three cards on the keyring.


You then openly show your lucky card – say the King Of Hearts. In a sudden display of goodwill, you offer to swap lucky cards with the spectator, as you know your one is much better. Instantly the King on your keyring becomes the spectator’s Six Of Spades! Again, there are clearly ONLY THREE CARDS on the Keyring – the double blanks and the spectator’s selection. It looks cleaner than a dog washed in fairy washing up liquid!


Calling attention back to what the spectator believed to be their selction, they now see a small hole has appeared through the corner. That is because, when they turn it over, they find it is the KING OF HEARTS, fresh off your keyring. A transposition extraordinaire!




As Superstition is extremely easy and gresat eye candy Liam knew there was more that this principle could used for – and he was CORRECT! Also on the DVD are 4 great ideas that can be learnt along with the original routine!


SANDWICH – A simplified version of the original Superstition, this effect features a totally new presentation, an even easier handling and a ‘regular card’ solution to the plot of a transposition between two selections while one is attached to your keyring.


THE HOUDINI EFFECT – An exciting, visual vanish of a signed ‘Houdini’ card, despite the fact it is clearly PADLOCKED between two security cards. You will LOVE the combination of simple sleight of hand, clever gaffs and sheer cheekiness!


TWILIGHT ZONE – Four red backed prediction cards reveal a selected card from a blue backed deck, despite being locked together on a keyring. The twilight zone part happens whenh the last prediction… no wait, that would be telling…


THE HOF THING – The classic ‘Hofzinser’ ace problem is reworked when four kings are clearly displayed face up and then PADLOCKED together. Despite these test conditions, the King matching the suit of a selection still turns face down – before changing into the actual selection! Everything can be examined in this true worker.

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