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Spoon Fly by Arthur Trace - DVD


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On this DVD you will learn two version of Arthur Trace's Spoon Fly routine.

Spoon Fly Version 1

Three teaspoons magically appear, travel from hand to hand, and disappear at your fingertips! This is a great routine that resets quickly and is perfect for walk-around performances.

Spoon Fly Version 2

In this version, you will learn how to transform a plastic spoon into a metal teaspoon. A chopstick is then used as a magic wand causing this spoon to disappear and reappear. The spoon then travels from hand to hand, multiplies into three teaspoons, and then back to one. Finally, the last spoon you are left holding transforms into a chopstick and is paired with the chopstick, you used throughout the routine. This is visual magic at its best.

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