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Holey Sh*t! by Pete Firman and Anthony Owen

Anthony Owen

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1 x Gimmick Cards Set
1 x Instruction DVD


Back in the early 1980s Richard Kaufman, Derek Dingle and Ken Krenzel created Holy P.O.D., a visual version of Alex Elmsley's classic Point of Departure, from a card change effect idea by Gerard Majax.

And now Pete Firman and Anthony Owen have brought it bang into the 21st century with...

Original yet simple. This changing card case is the door to many great tricks - switches, changes, appearances, and disappearances, mental and so much more!!

What will your audience say?

Comes complete with the special gimmicked Bicycle playing cards and instructional DVD hosted by Pete Firman, star of TV's Monkey Magic, Dirty Tricks, The Secret World of Magic and The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever.

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