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Vortex PK Pro Ring - Gold By Magic City


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Take the world by STORM and attract HUGE reactions! Polarised on the curve, not the edge like other rings, The Vortex directs its power towards the item under your control at all times! A revolutionary advance in magnetic rings by the original distributors of PK magic, made affordable without the bulky look of other "rings."

Wearing The Vortex PK Pro Ring you can magnetically switch, change, and control cards, stop time, perform killer ring on string routines, PLUS you'll learn how to transfer magnetism for linking effects! It's the first PK Ring package to include an abridged version of The Official Owner's Manual.

â.¢ The Magicians Choice PK Ring!
â.¢ Actual "Wedding Band" Style Design!
â.¢ More tricks than all other Rings combined!
â.¢ Efficient Power without Dangerous Overkill!

Double plated and polished authentic, providing extra durability to protect your purchase. A minor investment that won't break the first time you drop it. Or the second time for that matter. Not indestructible, but it will withstand the normal wear and tear of any magician in the trench. A scratch will simply blend with the ring.

Strength to size is a design ratio built from purpose and comfort. The curve is graduated at a specific rate, allowing you to use this ring in your everyday magic. The Vortex PK Pro Ring isn't new, but rather the product of eight years research and development!

Gold or silver is a personal choice. Both are beautiful jewellery. At this price you can get two and use them for the included Double Ring Routines!

This size guide will help you find the perfect fit: The Small is 18.18 millimetres across (Men's Size 9), the Medium is 20.77 millimetres across (Men's Size 11), and the Large is 21.48 millimetres across (Men's Size

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