Split Personality by Wayne Dobson


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Here is the latest and brilliant magic trick from the very creative mind of Wayne Dobson together with MagicTricks.co.uk. A magic routine that utilises iconic celebrity name cards and combines Wayne’s clever comedy to produce a funny commercial routine that is different from the norm and guaranteed to add some variety into your repertoire.

The magician displays two sets of cards and a prediction. One pile of cards has last names of famous people the other pile has first names of famous people. Each pile is given to a spectator to shuffle.

The top card from each pile is placed on the table face down. When the two cards are turned over they are supposed to make up the full name of the famous icon, for example Elvis and Presley. However, when the cards are turned over they don’t match. The names in question should have made up either Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe.

The trick appears to have gone wrong as the cards are turned over to reveal Charlie Monroe. The magician turns over this prediction to reveal… Charlie Monroe… an amusing photograph image morph between the two famous icons.

This effect is supplied with everything you need to perform and is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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