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Swap Wallet - Himber 4X6


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Use this wallet to switch any small flat object. Simple self working trick wallet. No sleight of hand required. Carry with you to perform amazing switches whenever the time arises. So many ideas that can implemented with this wallet. Imagine walking up to the cashier and showing your wallet empty. Say, "Oops I forgot my money". Then say, "Oh wait, i forgot that am a magician!" Now your able to show your wallet full of credit cards or cash. Great conversation starter. This wallet looks like a regular wallet and not a magic wallet. It does not need to be shaken like in the video demo. As you talk to your audience you can easily pull of the switch.


This is a high quality wallet. This wallet will fit in your back pocket.

Some more effects you can perform:

Switch blank paper into real money

Switch playing cards

Change a $1 bill into any other denomination.

Show a blank piece of paper and switch it for a written prediction.

As long as the item is flat it can be switched! Similiar mini trick himber wallets sell for over $60. Get yours today before they are gone.

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