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Wesley James "Stop Fooling Us" contents:

WJ Travellers [sic] - Four Aces to pockets

Kannibal Kings & Koins - Standard Cannibal Kings plot; the four Kings "eat" selected cards. The "Koin" aspect is a kicker ending wherein the "Kings "eat" a silver dollar

Ascanio Spread - A very clean handling of this standard sleight/display

Coins Thru Table - Very nice handling of this classic effect that eliminates many of the fishy counts and recounts so common for this effect

WJ Click Lap - original lapping technique
WJ Sweep Lap - original lapping technique

WJ Snap Retention Pass - A very clean retention pass of a coin that is a bit knacky (that means I haven't mastered it yet)

Bill Flite - a borrowed bill transposition involving a spectators hand and your own (ala sponge balls)

Spread Cut Aces - Spectator cut to the Aces

L.S.D. Aces - Very fun Ace assembly with a surprise ending; so named because the Aces "take a trip". My all-time favorite impromtu Ace assembly

Forgery - A card effect that is apparently not a card trick so much as magic performed with the spectator's signature

Jack Off - the magical penetration of a punched playing card through the ribbon it's threaded on (and Lee Asher thought HE invented riske titles). Includes a nice one-of-two-selections force - the James/Crandall Force

Notes are recommended for close-up workers who want to study the real thing from an expert.

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