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SWAG by Taiwan Ben Magic


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SWAG is a secret weapon that you take with you everywhere you go!

"It's diabolical, It's clean, it's a world of options but the reason I like it so much.....It's badass!!"
- Bobby Motta

"A very nice update on this principle making it a modern routine!"
- Luca Volpe


A spectator selects a card and commits it to memory. She is then handed the SWAG tag. She closes her hands around the tag and concentrates on her card. When she opens her hands she finds that the Tag has revealed her selection!

You can also incorporate the SWAG tag into preexisting routines.

  • Hold the tag in the spectator's hand Magically changing
  • Drop it in water and watch it Visibly change
  • Put on the spectator's palm and watch it Gradually change

The SWAG Tag is double sided so you can produce two different revelations.

  • No Electronics!
  • Resets almost instantly!

Great for street magicians, walk-around performers, mentalists and well, anyone...

The package inlcudes Diabolically clever tag and instruction.

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