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You will get unbelievable reactions using Zane’s very practical and easy to use PK Magnet Accessory Kit 

As used by top professional close-up magician Zane in the UK and many other magicians worldwide, including DYNAMO!

This practical kit contains a large very powerful PK Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnet 25mm x 10mm, a Wrist/Ankle Holder, a Knee Holder (one size fits all) PLUS the kit now includes Extra smaller different shaped Neo Magnets to get you started performing Amazing PK Tricks and Stunts! The holders are made with a pocket to contain the lager powerful Neo magnet securely when in use. The magnet is of the Rare Earth type otherwise known as Neodymium, which is at least six times stronger and more powerful than a conventional magnet. The holders are an original design created by Zane for ease and practical use in performing the many PK type effects made possible using it. They are comfortable to wear and the magnet supplied is the ideal size so it is unobtrusive when hidden. The holders are very well made and hand sewn, using only the best materials so they will last a long time.

The kit also comes with detailed instructions on how to use them plus describes several excellent effects possible and now updated with more amazing tricks and stunts and ideas not found elswhere in print. The instructions also include detailed health and safety tips using magnets. 

Use this kit to cause YOUR PK RING to flip over all by itself in a spectators hand! Easy to do!

Your audience will be convinced you are the real thing!

One big plus about using these particular holders is that at anytime before or after the effect you can straight away pull up your sleeves showing nothing concealed there (watch the video of Zane performing). This is very deceptive! Also by using this kit you will always be ready to perform and be able to repeat the effect again and again! Which makes this kit ideal for mix and mingle magic and real world situations! They are easy to use and to easy perform with. Allowing you to concentrate on the presentation.

Thousands of Magicians are using Zane's 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit' set up, which says a lot!

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