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Thindex: The Ultimate Prediction Device
Booklet with gimmick

Predict virtually anything a person can think of

Complete 20-page instruction booklet
An incredibly versatile prediction device for the mindreader
Perform amazing multi-layer predictions
Predict a spectator’s birthday, name, favorite color, and more
Includes the Thindex prediction organizer gimmick
Manual with 15 mind-blowing effects

Includes 15 High-Impact Mind-Reading Routines:
Bare Bones Prediction: Have any card named. Your prediction’s always correct.
Complex Card Prediction: Predict a card and what your volunteer looks like.
Dreamgirl: Your dream of a spectator’s birthday and card selection comes true.
Double Mysticism: Foretell a Tarot card and a spectator’s Zodiac sign.
Rock ’n’ Roll Predictions: Know anyone’s favorite musician or song.
Pop-Culture Predictions: Divine a person’s favorite actors, shows, and films.
Destiny’s Name: Predict a spectator’s first name, her lucky number, and lucky card.
Creative Currency: You foresee a wacky bill with any president and denomination.
Psychic Bartender: Envision anyone’s favorite beer and how many bottles ordered.
Spy Identity: Precisely predict a volunteer’s fictional spy identity.
Spectrum Vision: Divine a spectator’s favorite lipstick shade...or lingerie color.
Murder Mystery: Mentally detect the murder weapon and details of a gory crime.
Pizza Prediction: Kids create a crazy pizza order matching your prediction.
Ice Cream Sundae: Predict your young spectators’ fantasy ice cream sundae.
Coffee House: Foretell any flavor coffee, size, and number of espresso shots.

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