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My Way to Mentalism Hardcover – 2000 by Tony Binarelli


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For over 30 years, Tony Binarelli has done more than just fool his audiences - he has affected them. Using notepads, airplane tickets, cards, newspapers, and other everyday items people wouldn't normally think twice about, he creates the impossible, peering into the minds and hearts of his spectators with unfailing accuracy. He makes people question their eyes, their ears, their doubts, and ultimately, their very perception of reality, then he sends them home with a lasting sense of wonder. This is the magic of Tony Binarelli.

THE RECOLLECTION TECHNIQUE: This technique (and the Eight Observations that led to its development) will change your magic forever! It forms the foundation of all Tony's work, and can be used in the construction of everything from a single effect to an entire performance!
JUMBO MISSISSIPPI POKER: The magician never loses in this astonishing 10-card Poker Deal for stage, even when the spectators themselves handle the cards! And it's virtually self-working!
MENTAL EPIC 2001: Using a hand-held notepad in place of the classic blackboard, the magician accurately divines a selected ESP symbol, a date in history with some special meaning for a spectator, and a vacation destination long-desired by yet another member of the audience!
HEADLINE PREDICTION: One of the finest and most practical methods ever conceived for this effect! A prediction, mailed ahead of time to the client, foretells the contents of an article on the front page of a newspaper days (even weeks) before it is published!
A BLOW TO THE HEART: While blindfolded, the magician fires a dart at a spinning board, piercing one single playing card among an entire deck (the cards from which were all shown to be different). The pierced card is removed and shown to match a spectator's selection!
And so much more! MY WAY TO MENTALISM is overflowing with wonderful effects and routines, but perhaps more importantly, every page is imbued with Tony's simple, elegant philosophy of magic, a philosophy that allows him to extract stellar amounts of mileage from the simplest of means. He is referred to by his peers as "The Copperfield of Italy", and this book demonstrates why.

Hardcover, color dustjacket, 122 pages, with a foreword by G.P. Zelli.

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