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They are very difficult to make and I only make a limited number. I can't afford to make them anymore. These are just some of the excuses I have heard from the people who have made different versions of this effect over the years. We took the bull by the horns and created our own version of this prop. It stands about 22" tall and is beautifully silk screened in six colors.

Here's the story of Forgetful Fred. He was a very forgetful kid. He was always leaving things around. A real scatter-brain. His mother said to him that if his head wasn't attached to his shoulders, he'd forget that too! And, that's exactly what happened. One day, he forgot his head!

As you explain the story, you remove Fred's head, drop it in a large handkerchief (supplied) and make it disappear! Poor Fred, he has lost his head. What can you do now? Magi blows up a balloon and hooks it where his head used to be. That's a little better, but not much. Poor Fred, he can't see or talk. Magi draws a mouth, eyes, nose, ears and hair. He is still very sad and says that the other kids will call him names.

After Fred promises not to be so forgetful and with the help of some magic words the kids shout, the balloon pops and, there is Fred's head, back in place right where it belongs. A classic kids' routine.

Our Forgetful Fred has the smoothest working mechanism and also comes with a Devil's Napkin at no extra cost.

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