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Houdini walked through a brick wall and David Copperfield through the Great Wall of China and now you too can pass one solid through another. This effect was on the market many years ago and because I have not seen it recently we jazzed it up to bring you a new version.

A solid three inch wooden block along with a five and one-half inch square piece of Plexiglas are offered for examination. The audience is told that you will take one of these solids and pass it visibly through the other. Two ten inch high by three and one-quarter inch square beautifully decorated wooden tubes are shown to the audience. The tubes have holes in the front to facilitate the actual movement of the block through the tubes.

One tube is stacked on top of the other with the solid piece of Plexiglas in between. The audience is told to both watch and listen as they will actually see and here the block penetrate the glass. The solid block is dropped into the top tube; the audience sees it past the first window. It hits the Plexiglas and they hear it. Finally they see it pass the window in the bottom tube and hear it hit the table.

This is wonderful visual magic which is very baffling and yet very, easy to do.

It can be performed either parlor or stage.

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