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Robert Moreland's Illusive Actions by East Coast Magic - DVD


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Robert comes to us from Savannah, Georgia where he has spent the better part of 2 decades honing his amazing brand of sleight of hand.

His killer chops and warm personality are a deadly combination, and on this DVD you get a front row seat!

Included on this DVD...

Loose Change- A gaff free three coin flurry that is akin to Troy Hoosier's "ExTROYdinary".

Bic-A-Chink Transpo- This is a quick opener for a four coin routine. Four coins are produced magically using a bic pen.

Yet Another Reset- Robert's take on Paul Harris' now classic plot

Repulsive Interchange- This is a variation of a routine of George McBride's called Repulsion that was published in Scotlands 5times5. (Including explanations of the side steal and Tamariz Perpendicular control).

Sandwich Routine- Two jacks are magically produced from a deck of cards and then used to locate 3 selected cards.

Two Places at Once- Another card routine but only one word will describe it...."Deadly"

Running Time Approximately 1hr 26min

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