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Birthday Party Portfolio by Bruce Kalver


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A Sourcebook for Booking Birthday Parties and What To Do Once You're There So, you want to perform at birthday parties? Bruce Kalver's Birthday Party Portfolio will tell you how! Mr. Kalver gives all of his secrets away, from what you need to keep in mind before deciding to start performing birthday shows, how to create promotional materials, how to book shows (with example brochures and other materials you can put to use right away) and more! Birthday Party Portfolio even includes five routines along with bits & stunts perfect for children's shows. Combbound, 35 oversized pages Table of Contents: Introduction , Are You Sure You Want To Do Birthday Parties?, Signs That You Will Be A Good Birthday Party Entertainer, How Much Money Can I Make? , Creating An Act For Birthday Parties , What Kind Of Shows Are Parents Looking For , Keeping Their Attention , Creating The Promotional Materials, The Web Page, Refrigerator Magnets , Advertising , The Birthday Party Planner , Birthday Activity Sheet , Birthday Buck Slips, Getting Your Name Out There , Assistant Rewards and Give-Aways , The Phone "Cue" Card , Show Slip / Calendar System , Quote Sheet , Getting Ready for the Show, The Show , Fortune Telling Fish, A Melodrama , Bits and Stunts , Threading A Needle , Gum Fun , The Animal Game , After the Show , Cleaning Up, Thank You Cards , Birthday Card , Don't Do It! , Spoiled Brats, Resources ,

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