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Professional Portfolio for Balloon Artists by Bruce Kalver


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Bruce Kalver has over 30 years as a magician and a balloon twister. Many pages of this book are made to copy and make your own brochures, balloon attachments, tickets and stickers that all help the customer and promote you. His sample phone conversation is good as is his Balloon Line-ending technique. There are some balloon routines and business advice but no balloon twisting directions. This book is for after you've learned to twist balloons.

Includes: Getting shows and keeping them organized, An excellent Birthday Party Planner promotional piece, Phone conversation and party sales, 23 types of places for twisters to work, A good emergency kit list, Balloon jar set up for the Pogo Pump, Dealing with the danger of balloons in the mouth, Balloon Menu Board, 4 promotional pieces to give out with or attach to balloons (Balloon Care Card, Stick on Eyes and Lips, Balloon Leashes and Pet Tags), Donut Seeds to replace balloons for babies, Setting up a line, Balloon Tickets, Last Person Sticker, The Balloon Mine Field Routine, Making Peace With the Enemy Needle Through Routine, No Gimmick Wand or Knitting Needle Through Balloon, An Informal History Of the Balloon, Resources.

Legal paper size, Soft cover, Comb bound, 45 Pages. Top of Page

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