The Matchbox Illusion


  • $ 34.95

You show a small box--the kind that holds wooden matches. You take a toothpick and push it right through the box--from one side to the other. Your spectators are still waiting for the amazing part...

With no funny moves, you open the match box and out on the table falls a large brass plate that completely fills the box! It lands with a loud clunk on the table!

There is absolutely no way that the toothpick could have fit through that match box with the brass plate inside... yet that is exactly what just happened. Very visual, very strong!

Why we Love it

  • It's easy To Learn
  • There's No Sleight of hand Required
  • It's completely and totally amazing

This is an extremely powerful effect that will fool all who see it. It's a best selling Penguin Magic item, and highly recommended.



Q: How long will it take me to master this effect.
A: 15 minutes.

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